DEA’s NFT marketplace now accepts PayPal, credit cards

GameFi platform Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. (DEA) has introduced a new function to allow users to settle payment in its NFT marketplace with legal tender. 

Previously, its PlayMining NFT marketplace only supported the platform’s own crypto asset DEAPcoin (DEP), an arrangement which DEA said has hindered newcomers from joining blockchain games.

The new function now supports NFT purchases to be made in legal tender via PayPal, credit cards and debit cards. It will first be introduced in the marketplace’s “Official Store,” which handles primary transactions. Purchases on the “Users” secondary market will continue to be handled by DEP only. In the future, legal tender payments will be available for each of the company-operated games, including the popular online game “JobTribes,” DEA said.

The company is holding a festival to mark the introduction of the new payment feature until February 8. Users who buy NFTs from the PlayMining NFT Official Store using PayPal, credit cards or debit cards will have the chance to receive DEP worth 30 per cent of their DEP purchase price. Up to 100,000 DEP will be awarded to 50 eligible users. The event will also include a special sale of JobTribes’ NFTs.

In April, DEA formed a strategic partnership with Eore, an Internet advertising company, to jointly promote its Web3 business. Eore has been involved in promoting sales of the NFTs and items used in DEA’s games, as well as a guild management business within JobTribes. The two companies will also collaborate in marketing campaigns for NFT games in Japan.