Tokyo Metro to release Series 7000 train NFTs

Tokyo Metro will release an NFT collection featuring its iconic Series 7000 train which has been operating for about 48 years until its retirement in April last year.

The tokens are made using 3D modelling and laser scanning technologies developed by Hololab. The collection will go up for sale in NFT marketplace Adam byGMO starting January 31. Adam byGMO users will also be able to view full 3D modelling data as an exclusive content.

The Series 7000 NFTs will come in two versions: the Tokyo Metro version and the Eidan Subway (predecessor of Tokyo Metro) version. The Tokyo Metro version costs 2,700 yen per piece, and a total of 1,000 pieces will be available. The Eidan Subway version is limited to one piece and will be sold in an auction with a starting price of 7,000 yen.

Starting January 27, Adam byGMO will give away free NFT trading cards featuring cars from all nine Tokyo Metro lines. Winners will receive one NFT card (100 for each train, for a total of 900) after registering with Adam byGMO and applying for the giveaway on a dedicated page.

Tokyo Metro is planning to name its NFT-related business “CRYPTO METRO,” and to build an archive based on its data with historical value.