Hideaki Takizawa’s NFTs feature his volcanic expeditions

Former actor, singer and talent agent Hideaki Takizawa has announced the release of his NFT collection, entitled “Volcano Adventure Club” and featuring photographs of volcanic craters he visited during his days as a TV personality.

A total of 10 NFTs will include snapshots taken during Takizawa’s visits to the volcanoes, including Mount Bembo and Mount Malam in Vanuatu. In one scene, Takizawa in full protective gear stood beside a swathe of red lava with temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius 

The tokens will be offered on leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, with prices starting at 0.9 Ethereum. 

Apart from appearing on NHK’s volcano exploration programs, Takizawa is a volcano explorer himself, having climbed numerous volcanoes as a member of teams from universities and other research institutes and visited four of the world’s five largest lava lakes. The profile image on his Twitter and Instagram accounts features him standing at the crater of Mount Benbow, which he launched as NFT.

The collection has its unique value as some of the mountains featured no longer have lava now. Takizawa said on the Volcano Adventure Club website: “It takes about one to two years to prepare for a volcano climb. We have not yet decided on a concrete plan, but I would like to further explore this project step by step. I am an adventurer,” he wrote.

Takizawa was also formerly a vice-president of Japan’s major talent agency Johnny & Associates.