Toyota holds metaverse event as part of Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Gazoo Racing (TGR), Toyota’s racing team, and Lexus, its luxury car brand, will hold an event on the metaverse as part of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 between January 13 and 15. 

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, TGR is set to unveil products commemorating its World Rally Championship (WRC) drivers’ title and products that utilize the knowledge gained through the contest. A demo run will be held on January 14 and 15.

Coinciding with the exhibition, Toyota opened the TGR/LEXUS Virtual Garage on the metaverse, allowing visitors to view video images of some of the exhibited vehicles. An online conference will also be held where guest speakers and participants will discuss the future of motorsports.

Access to the metaverse event is via the “cluster” application on smartphones or computers.

Visitors to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 can also scan QR codes in at the booths of TGR and its sponsors, including Ray’s, BRIDE, Toyota Auto Body, and Daihatsu, to receive original digital stamps from each company. If they collect all the stamps, they will receive an additional, special NFT gift stamp.

The NFTs are created using BADGE, an NFT distribution tool provided by blockchain developer Warashibe, which usually requires a wallet to store and manage NFTs. However, BADGE allows users to create a wallet on the spot using an email address or social networking account, and then receive and hold NFTs.