DEA, Eole launch guild management business for NFT games

GameFi platform company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. (DEA) and internet advertising firm Eole will launch a guild management business for NFT games – including the popular title JobTribes which has about 2.6 million users globally.

Eole, a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market, provides free group communication services such as “Raku-Raku Communication Network” for personal computers and smartphones. 

According to the company, the game guild management service is the first launched by a Japanese listed company. DEA operates a “Play to Earn” blockchain game platform called “PlayMining,” where players can earn money by playing games. Naoto Yoshida, DEA’s founder and chief executive, is also Eole’s chairman.

The guild management service will be introduced to games on the PlayMining platform. Each game has a “scholarship” feature that allows users with high skill levels to lend NFTs to other users and receive rewards. 

Based on this feature, the new business aims to help players acquire rewards more efficiently by gathering highly skilled players called “scholars” to form a “game guild.” The rewards earned will be distributed among the “owner,” who is the holder of the NFT, the guild operator, and the scholars belonging to the guild.

The new business will be first introduced on JobTribes, which has approximately 2.6 million users worldwide. According to Eole, most of the JobTribes scholars are players in low-income earning areas of the Philippines and Indonesia, “who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic or are unable to work due to health problems. They use the scholar fees to pay for their children’s diapers, milk, family living expenses, school fees, medicines, etc.” Eole said the project aims to help tackle such social issues.