LUMINE EST Shinjuku holds NFT lifestyle event

LUMINE EST Shinjuku, a commercial facility in Tokyo, is offering original NFTs to customers during a promotional event between January 10 and 15.

The “Mint Room at LUMINE EST SHINJUKU!” event will distribute NFTs for free to 75 customers via the NFT platform HARTi. Recipients will receive a mini canvas key chain and an original postcard designed by NFT artists participating in the event, and will also be offered unlimited access to the artists’ autographs.

Besides, HARTi, an art consulting company, will also sell NFTs created by its NFT artists on the platform. The tokens feature exclusive privileges including an assortment of snacks and cosmetic samples, and gifts at the facility’s restaurants. Goods from the participating artists will also be available for purchase at the venue.

The event is part of the facility’s initiatives to promote new lifestyles and attract a new customer base. Special events will be held on January 14 and 15 for holders of the NFTs.