Polygon partners with Mastercard and hi to launch customized debit cards

Polygon blockchain has partnered with credit card giant Mastercard and crypto asset app hi to launch a service that allows users to create customized, Web3 debit cards. 

Holders of Polygon wallets can create customized NFT debit Mastercards and use them to spend crypto currenices and fiat currencies at more than 90 million locations worldwide. 

To get an exclusive card, Polygon users have to download the hi app, create an account and select a silver tier or above. They can then customize their cards with NFTs minted on Polygon. 

The platform provides free minting for program participants so they do not have to pay gas fees. Users can generate NFTs by simply uploading images of their choice from their computer.

Earlier, in September, Mastercard collaborated with hi to introduce the first customizable NFT debit cards. However, the service is limited to specific NFT collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

In January, Mastercard partnered with crypto exchange platform Coinbase to allow users to pay for NFTs with Mastercard credit/debit cards.