to launch ‘Kanpani Girls’ as first blockchain game

Japanese e-commerce platform has announced plans to launch its first blockchain game, entitled “Kanpani Girls RE:BLOOM,” around summer 2023, using the game-specific blockchain Oasys.

The game will be built on DMM’s proprietary Oasys Layer 2 blockchain (Verse).

DMM, which set up a new company in July to enter the Web3 business, aims to build a token economy based on its own tokens. In the same month, invested in Oasys with a view to using it as the foundation chain for its Web3 project. The company has also collaborated with CryptoGames, a developer of blockchain games such as “CryptoSpells” and “NFTWars.” 

“Kanpani Girls RE:BLOOM” is a blockchain game adaptation of DMM Games’ popular browser game “Kanpani Girls.” The game is a fantasy RPG in which players become the president of an all-female mercenary company in a world of swords and sorcery. Built on the worldview of the previous game, each character will be given a realistic “value” as a feature of blockchain games. 

Players will be able to exchange, buy, sell, or give away their characters to other players to create the most powerful party possible, and compete to become the number one mercenary company in a world tournament scheduled to be held once every two months. The game will also be available in English and will be developed on a global scale.