Gaming blockchain Oasys launches first NFT project OASYX

Oasys, a Japanese blockchain specifically developed for gaming, has launched its first NFT project, OASYX, with digital items scheduled to be released in January. 

OASYX is an NFT project for gamers deployed on the Oasys chain, with Oasys officially providing the intellectual property (IP). A prominent game creator will be appointed as supervisor to develop each series under the concept of “legendary game creator x NFT,” the company said.

The supervisor for the first project is Yu Suzuki, who worked on the “Virtua Fighter” and “Shenmue” series at Sega. Double will be the publisher, and 10,000 PFP (profile picture)-type NFTs will be distributed on a free-to-own basis.

According to its schedule, the NFTs will be distributed in January 2023 before the “Mayu” (picture release). In the future, holders can use the NFTs as avatars in the metaverse.

Oasys is currently in the final stages of its mainnet launch process. It is expected to release several games and announce new titles in the short future. The company also says it plans to add functions within the Oasys ecosystem, such as interlocking with games and OAS tokens.