LINE releases exclusive stamps for NFT holders

Instant messaging app LINE has launched its first stamp collection exclusively for its NFT holders.

The “NFT with LINE Stamp” was launched on the “LINE NFT” marketplace on December 5, and can be downloaded only by holders of LINE NFTs.

These are the first ever stamps LINE have released and are available in limited quantities. Owners can also put them up on the market for sale. 

LINE NFT was launched in April by LINE Xenesis, which develops LINE’s crypto assets and blockchain-related businesses. Among other functions, it allows LINE users to set an NFT as their profile icon on the messaging app, and offers exclusive content that only NFT holders can view. 

Two types of “NFTs with LINE Stamps” are available now: “Chimitan,” the first popular SNS character (available on December 5), and “Studio UG,” a collection of popular characters (Gokigen Panda, Konezumi, Lab Rabbit, etc.) by popular creator Yuji Nishimura (scheduled for release on December 15).

The “Chimitan” series includes 24 stamps for 400 yen (4 types x 200 stamps each) or 600 yen (2 types x 100 stamps each). About 1,000 stamps were sold out soon after they went on sale on December 5. Some of the items were sold on the market in LINE NFT.

On the other hand, the “Studio UG Tea Party with Stamps” to be released on December 15 will include 40 stamps and will be available for 500 yen (10 types x 150-500 stamps each) or 5000 yen (50 stamps).