MADworld launches Ghost in the Shell x Ukiyo-e NFT collection

Hong Kong-based Web3 company MADworld is launching a special NFT collection that will breathe new life to the classic cyberpunk animation “Ghost in the Shell.”

The Ghost in the Shell x Ukiyo-e NFT collection will include 500 digital drops that reflect iconic motifs from the 1995 film and also includes a limited-edition, physical Ukiyo-e print, a traditional Japanese woodblock art that dates back to the Edo period of the 1600s and has since inspired artists around the world.

Each Ukiyo-e print in the innovative collection is a unique art piece made beloved due to the imperfections, different textures, shadings and depths that result from the manual printing process. With the help of talented artisans, a woodblock will be hand-carved with imagery based on graphics from “Ghost in the Shell,” MADworld said in a November 29 statement.

“Reimagining ‘Ghost in the Shell’ with a Web3 twist is what MADworld is all about – evolving the way fans engage and connect with their favorite properties,” said Robert Tran, chief executive of MADworld.”

“‘Ghost in the Shell’ is a classic manga and anime with a global fanbase, and being able to bring it to the blockchain for a new generation of fans to enjoy as both a digital collectible and museum-worthy work of art makes this collection exceptionally special,” he added.

“Ghost in the Shell” is an animated film adaptation of the cyberpunk manga by Shirow Masamune. The film depicts the activities of the Public Security Section 9 and its cyborg task force members who combat computer crimes and cyber-terrorism in the highly developed network society of a futuristic AD2029. Collectors will have a chance to join the task force, with the iconic emblem now gracing the digitized space.

The Ghost in the Shell x Ukiyo-e Collection is sold as a set for US$1,149. Customers will first receive an NFT upon purchase and the Ukiyo-e prints will be delivered to buyers afterwards. In addition to claiming their unique Ukiyo-e prints, customers can use their NFT to receive priority access to the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell” game and metaverse.

“MADworld is excited to bring together three generations of Japanese culture through this groundbreaking NFT project,” said Phillip Tran, chief market officer of MADworld. “By combining traditional Ukiyo-e art, classic anime from the 90s, and 21st century digital collectables and metaverse integrations, we are entering a new era of fan engagement and community.”