NFTs, crypto banned from popular game GTA servers

Game publisher Rockstar Games has announced that players could no longer use crypto assets and NFTs to trade items in its popular action game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online.

The U.S-based company issued a new set of rules on its website on November 18, stating that content that uses third-party intellectual property, interferes with official multiplayer services or makes new games, stories, missions or maps in the “role playing” servers for the PC game will be prohibited. 

The role-playing servers are operated by fans and allow them to modify content. Some of these servers use NFTs and crypto assets to give players ownership of unique assets.

Developers of already established and popular games have been split on whether to integrate Web3 technologies such as crypto assets and NFTs.

In July, Mojang, the game studio that develops popular game Minecraft, announced that NFTs and crypto tokens would be banned from fan-operated servers for the game and that unofficial Web3 derivative projects using Minecraft assets would be prohibited. 

By contrast, Epic Games, the company behind popular game Fortnite, has said it will not exclude technologies such as NFT and blockchain from its services.