NEO TOKYO CLASH event gives Shibuya crossing cyberpunk twist

Visitors can see the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo turn into a world of cyberpunk by using augmented reality (AR) during the “NEO TOKYO CLASH” event that runs until December 16.

The event invites visitors to use STYLY, an app that can distribute XR content including AR and virtual reality VR. Simply by pointing their camera from Hachiko Plaza toward QFRONT building at the crossing, they can see AR scenes from NEO SHIBUYA, a metaverse space from the generative cyberpunk-themed NFT project NEO TOKYO PUNKS.

In addition, the campaign will offer visitors who post a screenshot of their AR experience onto Twitter a chance to win NEO TOKYO PUNKS products. At the same time, NEO TOKYO PUNKS mask NFT with AR contents will be available for sale on leading marketplace OpenSea.

NEO TOKYO PUNKS is a generative NFT project from Japan. The project offers NFTs of artwork depicting characters wearing cyberpunk-inspired gadgets in a fictional Tokyo from the “Brainverse,” a virtual space dominated by the wealthy and powerful in 2050. The project is building its world on  “The Sandbox” and VR platform “Decentraland”. It has also announced collaboration with “Oasis TOKYO” and “Oasis KYOTO,” two virtual cities set in 2035.