Sony files patent for tracking in-game items with NFTs

Sony has applied for a patent related to in-game assets using blockchain technology and NFTs within its PlayStation home video game consoles. 

The patent allows gamers to own and manage in-game assets using a mechanism that tracks items purchased or traded by users.

The patent, called “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger,” is about technology that can track changes to the appearance and metadata of digital assets, as well as the history of ownership passed from one player to another. The application was filed in July 2021. 

Sony has been offering a loyalty program, PlayStation Stars, since September. The trophies are not transferable or tradable between users, and Sony has stated that the trophies are not NFTs, though they are digitally collectibles. The patent, revealed only recently, points to Sony’s intention to introduce NFTs on PlayStation and issue its own digital assets.

In January, Sony’s subsidiary Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) acquired U.S. video game developer Bungie, which produces popular games such as “Halo” and “Destiny,” for US$3.6 billion. The two companies have had a long-standing partnership in developing software for PlayStation consoles. In May, the company partnered with Theta Labs, which operates the blockchain-based video distribution platform THETA. The company has launched a 3D NFT designed for use with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display (SRD).