ASICS launches limited running shoe, NFT collection

Japanese sportswear brand ASICS has released a limited edition “ASICS x Solana UI Collection” model from its “GT-2000 11” running shoes that will come with an ASICS badge NFT.

The “ASICS x Solana UI Collection” pursues excellent support and comfort while reducing the burden on the foot, just like the existing “GT-2000” series. The design is inspired by user interfaces (UI) that integrate into daily life, such as computers and smartphones, and is available in two colors, “Light Mode” and “Dark Mode” to signify a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity.

All buyers will get an ASICS badge NFT indicating that they have purchased the ASICS x Solana UI Collection. They will also have a chance to receive an airdrop of a limited number of ASICS x STEPN GT-2000™ NFTs, which can be used to play in the move-to-earn game STEPN.

Sales of the limited-edition shoes are available between November 4 and 8 on a dedicated website using Solana Pay. The “ASICS x Solana UI Collection” has become the world’s first product to be sold using Solana Pay. The price is 200 USDC in U.S. dollar stable coin “USDC,” with shipments scheduled to begin around March 2023.

ASICS is also working on support services to promote physical and mental health in the Web3 community. In July 2021, it launched the SUNRISE RED NFT Collection to raise funds to support digital artists. The company partnered with STEPN to launch the ASICS x STEPN Origins Collection of NFT sneakers in April this year, which can be used within STEPN.

Joe Pace, Director of Web3 and Digital Goods at ASICS said the launch of the ASICS x Solana UI Collection is a major step forward for ASICS Web3 commerce. 

“We’re proud to leverage Solana Pay and partner with STEPN to help us scale our mission to inspire the global Web3 community to create healthy habits with our products. Building on learnings and successes from our Sunrise Red and Genesis STEPN collections, we’re excited to continue delivering world-class Web3 experiences,” Pace said.